Surface Science Softwares : RHEED, LEED, AUGER, Labview, Virtual Surface Science Workstation, Scanning Electron Microscope, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Scanning electron and AUGER microscopy, Electron Gun Controllers  
Flexible modular experiment control using LABVIEW from National instruments.

We can provide solutions and a broad range of options including;

  • Data collection
  • Instrument control
  • Power supply control
  • Custom software for bespoke experimental set ups
  • Updates for unsupported instruments
  • Performance upgrades
  • Added functionality
  • Software interfacing for existing manual systems
  • Multi-mode, macro style solutions for powerful experiment automation.

Labview Diagram

Save time on creating your experiment control: we will provide a fully supported solution for your needs
. You benefit from a small team of experienced programmers already providing OEM solutions to scientific instrument manufacturers, combined with the backup of industry standard LABView (National Instruments). We can help you and talk you through the options; including providing a range of products from one ofs to OEM solutions.
From base function software enabling further user customisation through to fully fledged packages with multiple data output forms, data processing and signal processing.

Multiple communication and interfacing options. We can provide connection and communication solutions using existing interfaces, replace obsolete interface, adding communication interfaces. We can link into existing software or provide new programs. The software and interfacing will enable spectrometer control, data collection of pulse or analogue signals, Lock-In Amplifier control, stage and sample motor control, motorised goniometer systems, e-beam, ion beam or photon source power supply control for optimum focusing and performance, thin film technique interfacing, LEED, RHEED, ISS, SEM and many more.

Increase productivity and unlock potential With multimode and integration style experiments, you can do for example depth profiling, angle resolved spectroscopy automated degassing and sample preparation, as well as quickly getting back to optimum repeatable experimental conditions. These features will improve your experimental accuracy and make good use of your precious experimental time.

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RHEED : Reflection high energy electron diffraction LEED : Low energy electron diffraction Auger electron spectroscopy RHEED and LEED Gun Controllers Labview Virtual Surface Science Workstation SEM : Scanning electron microscope Specialised Electron Gun Controllers