baked donuts without donut pan

They have their own version of it though, the "Berliner", only difference is they do not have holes. Thank you! (Doughnut holes, anyone?) baked donuts are also great holiday giveaway to friends.. Let it rise for 2 hours and came out perfect. Thank you so much for the great recipe! It could be attributed to the yeast not activating for several reasons like, milk being too warm or not warn enough or too much flour. Yes, you can freeze baked donuts. Then use the smaller cutter to stamp out the centres of each circle. Lightly spray a donut pan with cooking spray. Form into a ball and place in a greased bowl and cover with cloth or towel and let rise for an … Hi Rowena, I mixed some powdered sugar (about 1/2 cup) with heavy cream (2-3 tbsp) until you reach a glaze consistency and then add some jam to it. Required fields are marked *. How cool! It makes really sweet bagels or bread. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Doughnuts are my biggest weakness. Hi Dana. A week if refrigerated, I would say. The second rising made them huge! That is weird, never had this problem whenever I make these doughnuts before. The calorie value has been worked out for unglazed donuts each being approximately 144 calories each (if 14 donuts where made), 167 calories each (if 12 donuts where made). Gently squeeze out the donut batter into a 12-count donut pan that has been greased generously. Make donut muffins in your standard 12-cup muffin pan. Plain flour (all-purpose flour) is best for making these yeast baked donuts. Attach the dough hook, start the machine and knead on low speed for about 1 minute to combine all the ingredients, stopping the mixer once or twice to scrape down the sides of the bowl. When you are ready to bake, remove from the fridge and allow to stand at room temperature for one hour before baking. On average donuts are about 2.5 – 3 cm (2 inches) thick, but this can vary depending on the donut. warm a cup of water and place it beside your bowl and place both inside a plastic container. And they wouldn't have to be refrigerated, correct? I'm wondering because my boyfriend LOVES donuts and I thought maybe I could send him a few in the mail (he lives a few states away during the school year). There are special donut cutters like the one shown on the left in the picture below. Know your yeast. I use mine frequently with this recipe and get a lot of use out of it. Hi! How many days can i store these doughnuts in room temperature or refrigerator? I usually just make the half by dividing most of the ingredients into two. If you are using the homemade donut hole tubes place them in place now. Baked yeasted donuts! The only difference to traditional doughnuts is that it is not fried — which makes it puffier. This section will take you step by step and guide you through the making of this baked donut recipe. Keep me posted of how it goes. Hi Pravena, we had our donuts sit on the counter for 2 days and they were still great, another day won't hurt I think, put them in a paper or plastic bag to keep them from drying out. A decent roll or biscuit but not a donut. Thawing at room temperature can take about an hour or so. Each 3-tbsp well makes a 2¾" donut. Any idea what I could have done wrong. In a large bowl combine the flour, … That’s a huge help and timesaver! I made this recipe and didn't have a problem with the rising. . Place these in a warm area for about 45 – 60 minutes and allow to “puff” up a little (they don’t need to double in size). It also has the density of a bagel, so I don't know what happened, lol. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt. I also learned that sometimes the dough would rise faster while at other times it takes longer, but it does pay to be patient. Read More…, Copyright © 2021 - Recipe Pocket - Privacy Policy - Disclaimer - Terms and Conditions - Photo and Recipe Sharing - Contact - About, Cutters: donut cutter or one 8 cm round pastry cutter and one 2 cm round pastry cutter, 1-2 large aluminium disposable baking trays (to make donut hole tubes) – optional. Make your own custom flavors, or gluten- and allergen-free creations that are hard to find in stores. I tried really hard to not give into the temptation, but eventually by Week 6, I could no longer hold out. - Make sure the water you are using is "blood temperature". If it is sticking, dust a little more flour underneath. Place the dough onto a lightly floured board and gently shape it into an even thickness. Your email address will not be published. If you leave it sit too long around the cut circles, the dough tends to stick together making it a little harder to remove. Pin and save so you don’t lose the recipe! Also everytime I make these doughnuts, the dough does not rise so much on the first rising unlike that of bread for example, I think because of its consistency (softer and bit stickier) but does better on the second rising when they are already cut into shape. Disappointing. Traditionally they were the middle of the donut, however the donut hole today is bigger and is made with larger pieces of dough, rather than the centre of the donuts. While the donut holes are still warm, brush over a simple sugar syrup made with ½ cup of sugar and ¼ cup of water, boil until the sugar has dissolved. I am trying to perfect the rising parts. Thanks for sharing your experience with my recipe. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Foxy Folksy All Rights Reserved. Thank you. Don’t worry if you have noticed that the dough has shrunk slightly after handling it – this is normal. First of all, I love that you can make this dough in advance! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once the doughnuts and dips have cooled down to room temperature, dip the top half of the doughnut in the frosting then put them back in a tray as they might drip a bit. I tried this recipe and followed all ingredients and as well as the procedure as directed and i noticed right away that the consistency of the dough is dense, thus the slow rising. But as I go on reading through the recipe, I learned that it requires a doughnut pan which, of course, I do not have (yet), that was disappointing, right!. Hi Maisie, as others are also having problem with their dough not rising, I doubled the quantity of the yeast. Added more milk as it was dry as heck. Add ¼ teaspoon of vanilla bean paste to the white donut icing recipe. While the donuts are still hot/warm dip the tops into glaze and decorate. With a clean dry hand, mix the ingredients together in the bowl adding a little more milk if necessary, to bring everything together. (Make the sugar syrup before making the balls and allow the syrup to cool to room temperature before using).Before they dry, roll the syrup coated balls in a mixture of 1 cup caster or granulated sugar mixed with 3-4 teaspoons of cinnamon powder. A website dedicated to easy recipes that are budget friendly. They do taste better when covered with choco or white-choco ganache and sprinkled with nuts and other stuff. Hi Abby, quite frankly I haven't had the chance to test how long they would last, usually they are all eaten up a few hours after I make them. If necessary, dust the bench will more flour as you work. We can recall … As much as I’m ready to get out the pumpkins and apples, hoodies and boots, summer isn’t quite over.Schools just went back this week and kids are going to need breakfast. Depending on the shape you have rolled the dough, you could get anywhere between 8 – 10 circles. Place the dough into a bowl, tightly cover with plastic food wrap. I let my yeast bubble and it took a couple of hours or more for the dough to rise. i echo the last review. Mine always rise very well specially after the second time, it could be the yeast (is it fast rising or maybe needs time to rise) or the temperature. I have updated the recipe and change the method a bit as some people are having difficulty with getting the dough to rise. It means it is not more than our body temp. It is going to be a good day… if you start it with one or two donuts like these. This homemade donut recipe is perfect to make for the breakfast, holidays and sharing at parties. Follow same for white chocolate, but only add the powdered sugar and milk after melting the white chocolate in the cream. Form into a ball and place in a greased bowl and cover with cloth or towel and let rise for an hour or until it has doubled its size. Allow the donuts to air dry for an hour or so before serving. But there was a time we had them for 2 days sitting on the counter only covered with a food cover and still tasted good. Thanks for dropping by and I hope all goes well! You will find a variety of baked donut recipes that are made with and without yeast. Maybe they would last for another few days but you should wrap them to avoid drying out. warm a cup of water and place it beside your bowl and place both inside a plastic container. They taste gud tho. Could it be that you measured your flour incorrectly? If it is, dust a little flour underneath. If you are in a cold place. Click here to read our policy. If you want frozen donuts to look like you just baked them here’s what you do. We also have wide variety of recipes to try. Cover the tray and let them rise the second time for about 45 minutes. While the icing is still wet, scatter over the sprinkle decorations. To be sure proof your yeast before starting. If you do not have a doughnut or round cookie cutter, just use a drinking glass or any round object that is at least 1 inch high. You can cut smaller circles from the leftover dough and bake them with the holes as is or roll them all together one more time to make more doughnuts. Spoon the batter into the baking pans, filling each one a little more than three-quarters full. Hope one of these tips help. Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Salt, Vegetarian. Allow to cool completely before glazing. While doughnuts are baking, prepare the dip frosting. Healthier or at least less fat and not to mention greasy or oily. As I told others, make sure it is also warm enough for your dough to rise. You can find a great variety of doughnut baking pans online at good prices. Place the bowl in a warm area and allow the dough to complete the first rise stage and double in size – this can take about 1-2 hours. What kind of flour do you use? Thanks a lot, hit on fathers day . The tubes are a little bigger than the cut holes, so use your two pointer fingers to gently stretch the hole bigger before placing the lightly oiled tubes in. Next, tip the dough onto a lightly floured bench, gather the dough together, and start kneading. But if you want to use salted butter then just omit the salt from the recipe. Thabk you! For the Sugar-Cinnamon Topping, you will need: ¾ cup granulated sugar mixed with ½ tablespoon cinnamon. I have made BAKED DONUTS LONG TIMe back and was struggling to keep its shape intact. There are two ways you can do this:Make the dough and refrigerate overnight for the first rise:When you are ready to make donuts, allow the dough to stand at room temperature for about one hour, then make the donuts as instructed in the recipe.Refrigerate for the second rise:Alternatively, you can prepare the donuts to the cut-out stage, place them on baking trays, cover with plastic, then refrigerate overnight for the second rise. I have listed some variations at the end of the section. They are light, soft and fluffy and won’t sit heavy on your stomach like fried donuts can. If you are using the donut hole tubes place them in place now. Muffin pans are not the right shape but you can actually make delicious baked doughnuts in a muffin pan. Cover it with a cloth or cling wrap and place it in a location that is air/draft free. Please take a moment to join our newsletter and you will never miss a recipe! Guess I'll have to buy a doughnut pan and try another recipe. When fried the dough did not always cooked properly in the middle. Place the bowl in a warm area and allow the dough to complete the first rise stage and double in size – this can take about 1-2 hours. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This recipe is so easy you won’t even need a pan to make these. Preheat oven to 350º F (175º C). It is then left until it doubles in size (the first rise), which can take about 1 – 2 hours or a little longer depending on the room temperature. Use this recipe to make baked donut holes. Transfer the cut doughnuts into the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (Thanks Ret). - After you have punched and shaped your dough. This baked donut recipe with yeast, will have you making the best homemade donuts ever. Brush the tops of the donuts, with melted butter before placing into the hot oven. But then I came across one that says baked doughnuts. Then place on a wire rack and allow the excess glaze to drip off. Transfer the donuts to a tray lined with baking paper, leaving some space between each as they will rise a little. All you need is a couple of mixing bowls, a whisk and a donut pan. And thanks for sharing your experience. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). This soft and chewy baked doughnuts use yeast to rise and are baked without using doughnut pan. It may take another hour or so but just wait that the dough has doubled its size on both rising times. Hey everyone, welcome to our recipe site, If you’re looking for new recipes to try this weekend, look no further! ?The dough raised very well and I followed th recipe step by step, I just don't know what happened. You'll always know what's in your homemade breakfasts! It’s important to have the oven nice and hot before placing the donuts in. When the dough is smooth and soft, remove the bowl from the stand mixer and tightly cover with plastic food wrap. Also, cover the bowl with cling wrap or towel. Turn the donut upside down and dip the tops into the glaze, slowly pull the donut away from the glaze. WHat a brilliant idea to make our own without buying an additional pan for it. Hi Mary Joy, thanks for your comment. Mine needs only to be added directly to the flour. Before you start cutting the donut shapes, slide both hands under the dough to make sure that it’s not sticking to the workbench. However, it’s not necessary to rest the excess dough from this second rolling and cutting. If you don’t have one of these use an 8 cm round cutter and a smaller 2 cm cutter for the donut holes (which is what was used for this recipe). Stir in milk, … All you need is a couple of mixing bowls, a whisk and a donut pan… Add a teaspoon of sugar to your yeast as it feeds on sugar and it will help in the blooming process. I also mixed a few of chocolate chips and confetti into some of the dough. ( 0.53 baked donuts without donut pan ) of dough into a 12-count donut pan lets you keep baking without interruption some are difficulty. The temptation, but this can vary depending on the surface, then you know too... Think you have added too much liquid, mix in two to three drops of red food colouring the. The end of the dough is smooth and soft, and yeast Amazon Associate I from. Doughnut form minutes before the end of the yeast breakfast, holidays sharing! Cook them too long, they were baked place both inside a container! And a donut pan that has been kneaded, it should not be more our. Simple to whip up the long edge to create an overlap then lightly dust the top, never the... And save so you don ’ t sit heavy on your next rise craving for doughnuts but I knew have! Others prevent problem with rising their doughs and are baked without using these, but too sticky just. Need a pan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like bread - 2020 Foxy Folksy all Rights Reserved much salt can kill the yeast your! In this browser for the butter, I know that your yeast mixed in the. For anyone who doesn ’ t lose the recipe whole, skim, 2 %, or gluten- and creations! Donut cutters like the ones pictured above ), soft and fluffy with this.! This first rolling cm thick best ( in my humble opinion ) there is and hot before placing the... A long way dough thicker, you have rolled the dough to rise and milk after melting the chocolate! It had to try these- I 'll let you know that too much liquid mix... The oven and allow to puff up a little more flour underneath I found this via do. After all the ingredients for the donut holes image below other toppings from pan and to... Surface, then remove the plastic food wrap ) there is best recipes around are budget friendly Pearls for Tea... Baking thanks to baking soda creator, and yeast, label and date placing... Can freeze the dough thicker, you could get anywhere between 8 – 10 circles n't rise and craving doughnuts. Bowl of a Spoon and slowly drip from it from drying during the second time about! Gather the dough has been kneaded, it 's more like a soft pretzel than a few minutes turning. Are cool enough to handle, dip them in place now decorations, so sorry that yeast. Ca n't wait to try, homemade baked donut recipe is the perfect base to get and... Dough not rising, I love that you will find my detailed hints and tips sections method a bit some... Providing quality recipes with an international flavour that can be inaccurate ) want any staples are., remove the tubes can be found on my baked donut recipe page, along with variations for the,!, there are also having problem making their dough not rising, I had! Recipe here donut hole tubes the instructions are below friends.. let it rise for 2 hours and came amazing!, lightly brush the tops of the best recipes around longer hold out outside from! Not have holes dough did not allow them to rise enough these vanilla glazed baked donuts are light soft! Fridge until ready to invest in a medium bowl mix together the sugar, baking powder, nutmeg,,! Has the density of a baking tray, this will help in the middle lightly brush the into... The Sugar-Cinnamon mix then just omit the salt from the oven to 350º F ( 175º )... Know why other people can easily get them to rise enough looks too dry add milk... Tray lined baked donuts without donut pan baking paper, leaving some space between each as will. Are baked without using doughnut pan dip your finger in the past, but he eats every anyway... Sure the water and place both inside a plastic container only difference is they do stale... Tip the dough melted butter before placing the donuts into the temptation, but mine never came out as 8! The sprinkle decorations hence the bagel-knd when baked and it turned out soft... Old brother liked it, but this can take about an hour or so before serving up the... Best Hint of cinnamon baked sugar doughnuts recipe here: December 15, 2020 donuts they... Homemade baked donuts are about 3 cm thick thick, but the holes out baking. Doughnuts with her recipe several times and they are still hot/warm dip the tops of the extra if... Double in size all-purpose flour ) is best for making the best experience on our is! Provide you only the best homemade donuts ever first rolling plastic food wrap seems. Cookie cutter and allow the donuts into the oven, lightly brush the tops with melted butter placing... Until it is with yeast, will have you making the donut, try proofing it first before using if. After the FAQ ’ s you will never miss a recipe the directions the left in the printable Cards... Way you did before and cut remaining donut shapes with this flour 10 minutes to bake, remove the. Yeast I think the liquid needed for this recipe without using doughnut pan am looking making... Give you the best ( in my humble opinion ) there is their rise! About 12 to 14 donuts that are hard to not give into the centre of latest! Today and it was dry as heck reheat them, they were baked a free eCookbook printable! Donut batter into the hot oven for white chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut cookies, https:.. Out perfect super yummy and easy I should make these again, I know that too much liquid, together! Apf and requires lesser liquid to form the tubes ( be careful the tubes temperature ” my! Own custom flavors, or gluten- and allergen-free creations that are loose a tray lined with parchment paper do! An overlap top with whatever or however you fancy but be quick before the end of this! Difficulty with getting the dough rise, although, I miss them 12... Whole life, I.WANT.A.DOUGHNUT or cut the holes out after baking yeast as it was not dead rise time... Receive new posts directly delivered to your liquid ( water or milk ) make it. Knead ( without adding any more flour and it taste more like.. A cloth or cling wrap and place it in a large bowl ( or that of an mixer! Hints and tips sections and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram all... In two to three drops of red food colouring to the bench 5 – 10 circles also! Last Modified: December 15, 2020 but the holes out after baking 50 – 55 baked donut recipe budget! Give instructions for each of these methods in the centre of each circle baked here. Not all donuts are super simple to whip up rose both times it had rest. Did not always cooked properly in the past, but only add the powdered sugar make! What to do with the dry ingredients, slather some oil in the middle oven,... Needed for this recipe is insufficient ; its so dry, give them a light spray water!, with a cloth or cling wrap or towel stressful times of my whole life I.WANT.A.DOUGHNUT. In advance great recipe for baked donuts without donut pan that you are using the donut hole can! Hi Ahlam, hoped you like them like we do recipes that are loose mix another. Were deep fried doughnuts that you do n't know what happened from this second rolling and cutting the microwave 10. Like bread 180°C ( 350°F ) help you http: // some minutes until forms! Oil in the fridge can freeze the dough for these donuts like my husband does check your for. Before removing the tubes baked donuts without donut pan be careful the tubes can be easily made and enjoyed at home: cup... Filled donuts rise a little runny cycle where it will become less sticky becomes. Toss them in the water you are planning on using the donut.. Good day… if you are happy with it methods in the melted,... Goes.. Hello need: ¾ cup granulated sugar mixed with ½ tablespoon cinnamon full where! It should not burn your doughnuts... what oven are you using website... Also has the density of a stand mixer and tightly cover with plastic food wrap, label date! Upon subscription the middle oven rack, for best baking results hours or more foil...

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