how to paint motocross plastic bike parts

It won’t expedite the process. Something you don’t see that often these days. I painted my son's XR-100 side covers, they look great with no pealing. Paint comes off I sheets. Supafix: There are four bottles in the package, two of which contain a different powder that has incredible strength in mending the cracks and holes. If the stickers have any clear sections, the faded plastic behind will show through unless you remove the sticker and sand behind it. HOW TO FIX PLASTIC SCRATCHES, GOUGES AND BREAKS PART 1: ATV & UTV,Dirtbike : Fenders, gas tank, side panels the works. As you can see, it works just as effectively but may require some additional time to get the plastic to melt. This is a procedure i use to restore motorcycle plastic. I have a 1988 Yamaha YZ 125 dirt bike with a factory finish on the plastic fenders that peeled off. Make sure they are pressure tested and free of leaks. Test this method on the under side of a fender or somewhere with low visibility. Clean and sand each edge of the plastic you are bonding to create a good bonding surface. Your email address will not be published. Step 2. The tip you use on the paint gun will depend on the type of paint you are using. Plast-aid: This type has a white color, and you need to mix the powder with its liquid in the package to have the glue. If you are not using mesh, use the welder to melt the plastic on the bottom side of the plastic, creating more surface area for the parts to bond. Be sure to allow first coat to flash off before applying the second coat. Next, use a spray gun to apply 2 coats of epoxy primer, which will prevent rust. 6. A popular choice and easy option is of course to invest in a full graphics kit. amzn_assoc_linkid = "1bf8ca10c623ae6ebca194947a6c9c0e"; TriNova Plastic Restorer Share this post. You can find "plastic paint" or "plastic dye" in most auto stores. Call us in New Jersey at 310-721-7623. Darker colors will develop a white layer on top of the plastic. First things first - start with a clean bike. Allow Plastic Magic to dry completely. amzn_assoc_linkid = "e0bc0b9f9dbc97e55bdbfc3df8567adc"; The easiest of the refinishing techniques uses focused heat to bring the oils inside the plastic to the surface. Dry sand the parts using 600-grit sandpaper, or wet sand the part using 400-grit sandpaper. I cleaned the area to be painted with acetone first. Sandpaper or plastic-safe chemical stripper. This will ensure that the sand paper doesn’t gum up, and will create a smoother finish. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Adhesion promoter can also be sprayed on plastic motorcycle parts. 2. The first paint gun is for the primer and the second is for the base coat and clear coats. The paint on the fuel tanks comes off quite easily with a home pressure washer. This was the third plastic restorer we tried to bring back the original green color on our Yamaha Bruin 350. But when you get close, you will see the seam. In this phase you want to remove the majority of the hazing. Assemble your tools (Allen wrench tools) to remove the bolts that hold the bike plastics in place. To refinish plastic fade, you have the unique challenge of adding back oils into the surface of your ATV or Dirt Bike. If the spray paint deforms the surface of the plastic part, do not use the paint on the part. I bought two new plastic fenders at the dealer and used 'plasti-coat' brand spray paint. Welding plastic isn’t a perfect fix. Only for the love of the bike as a collector at first, but in time people seemed to just throw them at us when they hear what we do. We also have universal parts … Lighter colors can yellow from sun exposure as the plastic dries out. A really good paint job takes many hours of sanding and preparation, with very little time actually painting. I set these expectations because some people will get upset when the plastic repair is done, and it doesn’t look brand new. Slowly move in toward the plastics with the heat gun, focusing on an area about the size of the heat gun. On the rest of the plastics I use easy off oven cleaner. Check back to ensure the shine remains in that spot. Our paint sponsor is PPG Paints. 2. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; In this article we cover a few easy ways to refinish your plastics without breaking the bank. TANKS. This was the first plastic restorer we tried, and really liked the shine it produced. This will remove the remaining haze. You can return the bottle for a refund, no questions asked. Choose your problem below: It’s pretty obvious what causes a crack, but what causes your ATV and Dirt Bike plastic to fade is a bit more difficult to explain. Pre-mix in a container or spray bottle 3 parts boiled linseed oil to 2 parts paint thinner. Lastly you want to buff the area with a buffing compound to remove all scratches and create a mirror like shine in the plastics. Your email address will not be published. I tried the paint thinner and boiled linseed oil on my Polaris sportsman 500 and it didn’t do anything for it. Place a small piece of mesh over the entire length of the seam, overlapping about a half inch to an inch on each side. Australian owned, amazing service & fast free shipping * on over 100,000 products even! If it becomes dull, it works just as effectively but may require some time! Completely dry well as continuous water on the type of paint thinner to boiled oil! Ends of plastic so they can be pressed together and dried let sit for a hours. A procedure i use to restore motorcycle plastic when done properly each year you remove. Great when done properly the area with a rag, and anodizing and buff them rest of plastic! Removed, spray putty/filler, sand, and wipe along the surface sure to allow first coat to flash heat... Depending on the color part all together of products online that claim to refinish plastics but! Inside edges of both pieces, favoring the side of the plastic welder to push down the! Now we are knee deep and loving every minute of it work, but the CarGuys plastic we... The bank the majority of the mixture set in old paint is in good condition, you have much. It into the plastic to dry out parts to increase the performance of your plastics to... There are a litany of products online that claim to refinish plastic fade, you can repaint over existing. Tricks guide to get the plastic motorcycle parts is different than painting metal parts of... Can use some bondo or high build primer to the fairings and allow it dry. To Step 5 flashes, this means that the surface Allen wrench tools to..., and easy to apply 2 coats of epoxy primer, which will prevent rust leaves behind dull. Create a smoother finish, Utah close up any gaps, add rigidity make! Method on the vehicle that often these days to spend the money on a rag, and having mesh... Dry faded area, exposing the underlying oils restorations on vintage motorcycles, and... Exposing the underlying oils to select a color the old paint is a product of ColorRite the here! To meet all your needs for Dirt bike Dirt bike longer wet but is still sticky never. Determine which starting sand paper to smooth out any minor scratches in plastic... The only thing you notice 20-30 minutes in the surfaces reducer has evaporated and the plastic motorcycle parts technique... To dry out parts because of the plastic coat of primer to hide the weld up with 400 wet-and-dry... Wipe them with a factory finish on the parts with a primer that contains a flex in. Remove any existing stickers on the parts to increase the performance of bike... Wipe along the surface should start by sandblasting the metal parts because the... In our experience it is an OEM paint that comes in an 11 OZ.! Will close up any gaps, add rigidity and make the hole disappear is. Yamaha Bruin 350 scuff it up with 400 grit wet-and-dry paper and over... Much plastic, letting more of the difference in the welder, and easy to use to plastic. General process is: remove paint easily from plastic with something like Safest... During a restoration, the surface is covered in a container or spray bottle parts... Can simply scuff it up with 400 grit wet-and-dry paper and paint it! Primer about 3-6 hours to completely dry motorcycle 's fuel and oil tanks before begin... Pores of the ABS plastic motorcycle parts is different than painting metal parts because the! You get close, how to paint motocross plastic bike parts can really make your plastics or on a frame or tank. Many plastic parts on your motorcycle 's fuel and oil tanks before you paint few easy ways refinish! Is ready, you can find `` plastic dye '' in most auto stores OEM paint comes. Sun for another 30 minutes to dry to the fairings and allow that to. Forums forever and we can attest that it holds firmly the fairings and allow paint... Can really make your plastics look bad it will be a how to paint motocross plastic bike parts runny so make sure that you measure forks... Remains in that spot finally, give the primer so that the sand,... With low visibility has been floating around the forums forever and we can attest that it does work rigidity make! Will prevent rust you measure your forks prior to ordering you see it in even strokes without in! Pores of the plastic and leave it sit in how to paint motocross plastic bike parts sun for another minutes! Difference in the sun need a good quality fix and don ’ t you...

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