characteristics of a boundaryless organizational structure

The boundaryless organization: Breaking the chains of organizational structure. What works for one organization won’t work for another, and in many cases, organizations will employ more than one structure to get the job done. It is an organization that is not defined by, or limited to, the horizontal, vertical, or external boundaries imposed by a predefined structure . The authors Robbins and Judge describe a structure coined by General Electric as the boundaryless organization. It has to do with organizations that move to a higher level of functioning defined less by organizational structure and more by innovation through integration of ideas and people. Application of Ultimate Authority 5. § Identify the six key elements that define an organization’s structure § Explain the characteristics of a bureaucracy § Describe a matrix organization § Explain the characteristics of a “virtual” organization § Summarize why managers want to create boundaryless organizations Traditional organization represent the organizational structure in a business is hierarchical, meaning power flows vertically and upward, and employees are departmentalized. Companies often use a boundaryless organizational structure when they (1) collaborate with customers or suppliers to provide better quality products or services; (2) are entering foreign markets that have entry barriers to foreign competitors; or (3) need to manage the … The organizational structure at Gore, in which everyone is encouraged to speak to anyone they wish to within the organization, is called a(n) __ organizational form.-boundaryless-formal-centralized-unlimited Simplicity 2. Unity of Command and Direction 7. Minimum Possible Managerial Levels 8. Google’s organizational structure (corporate structure), its characteristics, advantages & disadvantages are analyzed in this information technology and online advertising business case study. (see also The Boundaryless Organization) Most organizations grow and evolve to become very structured. ADVERTISEMENTS: This article throws light upon the features of a Good Organisation Structure. Provision […] The features are: 1. There’s a concept known as the boundaryless organization. We’ve already learned about different kinds of organizational structures, from the rigid bureaucratic type to the loose and free boundaryless organizational structure. Organization is an instrument, a powerful tool designed to fill certain specific organizational needs. Proper Emphasis on Staff 9. Matrix Organisational Structure. Then we seek new ways to organize the things to suit to new conditions. The major characteristics of a boundary less organization are as follows: i. Flexibility and Continuity 3. Clear Line of Authority 4. As the organization grow the needs of the organization also changes. Further, a boundary less organization differs from a virtual organization in the sense that the former is a kind of structure that an organization may adopt while the latter is an alliance between two or more organizations to achieve certain specified objectives. A boundaryless organization is a contemporary approach in organization design. Chapter 15: Foundations of Organization Structure What are you responsible to learn? John Wiley & Sons. Proper Delegation of Authority 6. ... R., Ulrich, D., Jick, T., & Kerr, S. (2015).

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