danish light bread recipe

I will get right on it today! I'm definitely looking to expand my repertoire in 2021. That sounds delicious! As you have probably learned over the last few weeks, rye can be very challenging to bake with! Hi Kristi! Hi, I'm Kristi! The final rise in the pans has taken only an hour—which amazes me, since there is no instant-yeast spike involved! Thanks for your comment! Remove loaf from the oven and tip out onto a wire cooling rack. 1. whole milk 2. sugar 3. yeast 4. salt 5. light vegetable oil or coconut oil (or melted butter) 6. bread flour ( or all-purpose) 7. butter 8. t… If you choose to go that route, reduce the amount of water in the soaker to 150 grams. It’s been so significant that the Danish word for “bread” was actually “rye bread” until the 1800s. Thanks for your comment! I was surprised by the moisture of the dough but having read all the comments and instructions I thought it fit what everyone it said. It refers to buttering your bread generously enough so that when you bite into it you can see your teeth marks in it. Happy New Year to you! Seriously....easier than cups and spoons. I don't live in the US, and I'm not sure how to source the stuff for the soaker. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 500 degrees. Kristi. Can I cut it back? Thank you for this excellent recipe! I did not see much rise. This was my first rugbrod and I was so nervous, but this felt easy in the end! I tried it and it has that amzing taste like sour dough. I bought a 4" x 4" x 6.5" Pullman just for this bread, so I make a half recipe. It could be because the dough was too dry, the dough should feel soft and slightly sticky after mixing. We let the dough rise and do its thing while we attend to whatever it is that we need to do. - 75 g. Bob’s Red Mill 10 grain hot cereal + 100 g water; no seeds in the soaker Any advice? It's alright if the water is at room temperature and not lukewarm, since that is only going to increase the rising time. This was so easy and foolproof and I loved how you broke the recipe down. The cereal could grow in sandy soils and survive damp winters, securing its place as Denmark’s primary bread grain. Your email address will not be published. My loaf turned out wonderfully. I really appreciate it. Danish pastry is made from flour, yeast, milk, eggs, and copious amounts of butter. It is greatly appreciated. The night before, make the Levain and the Soaker:  Combine the ingredients for the Levain in a medium bowl. Rugbrød simply means “rye bread” in Danish. The key...patience. You could try using two regular 9 x 5 loaf pans rather than the Pullman pan and then use a baking sheet as a “lid” over the loaves while they need to be covered during the baking process. However, since you already let the dough rise to about triple it's size, it won't expand further in the oven. just omit it entirely? The taste was definitely sour dough, which I love. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 20 minutes would be longer....next time you try this recipe, check for the windowpane stage after about 7 to 8 mins. The top had a crack all along the top, which the regular rye recipe has never done. Happy baking! Does this happen during the proof/riseor bake? Reduce the temperature of the oven to 325 degrees and continue to bake, uncovered, for an additional 45 minutes. However, as I've mentioned above, it takes a few tries to get the right texture. When the dough has pulled … Without a strong gluten network, the gumminess is a possibility. Bake, covered, for an additional 15 minutes. It might take a couple of tries before you know the exact measurements. I actually used an old Corningware baking dish and fabricated a lid out of tin foil as the glass lid seemed to be a bit too low to allow for expansion. Combine the ingredients for the Soaker in a small bowl. Is it possible to substitute the rye chops by blitzing whole rye grains in the food processor? Looks great! Hi Fatema, there are a couple of reasons why your bread is dense and heavy. When I started baking more seriously at the beginning of the pandemic, this recipe seemed too complicated for me. I knead the dough using my mixer for 15 minutes and it tears easily - I checked the dough in between and was not able to get it to the right strength. They are a little more flavorful that the other seeds in the mix, but that might be a good thing! This was my third time making this bread and on this last try it turned out gummy. Finally, just now, I tasted the bread. Try going for the windowpane test after 5 to 6 mins, if it's still a little short of reaching the correct stage, continue kneading by hand and check after a couple of minutes. OMG this recipe is the bomb. Welcome and thanks for your question! You can use a smaller loaf pan. Happy baking! Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for your question! Thank you very much for the recipe and reply. It should be minimum. When bread is still a little warm place in a plastic bag. This bread recipe is so good in the almost year I have used it never got bad bread from it. I have not tried that method, but I can see how that might produce a darker colored bread. Didn’t seem to matter. Please let me know how it goes and if you have any further questions. However, if you try both ways, you will be able to notice the difference in texture. With the caraway and cocoa it’s almost like a pumpernickel. If you are new to smørrebrød, there are several open sandwich recipes on the blog to get you started: I’ve been a quarantine baker, and tried this recipe after trying several other rye breads. I still find that to be really fast considering the dough is not getting any help from instant yeast. The texture is similar to croissant dough, but tastes sweeter (and has the addition of egg in the dough). Secondly, the dough was not kneaded sufficiently, it should feel smooth and elastic after kneading. I'm SO glad you enjoyed the recipe and that it worked well, even with having to do a little baker's math. Thank you Susannah. Please check with an oven thermometer if it is remains at the same temperature as you've set it, keep checking after every 15 mins for about an hour or so. Please report back after you give it another try. I feed my starter in early afternoon before making the levain at night, as per the recipe. Bread turned out just fine so I was wondering what benefit younger from cracking the berries? That's why 100% whole wheat breads have a tendency to be dense in texture. Rye breads improve after a bit of resting time. Coming to your question, some of the largest factors in getting a bread to rise - soft and supple dough (hard to knead dough indicates shortage of water and a very sticky dough indicates too much water reducing the rise of the dough), appropriate kneading (under kneading does not develop gluten preventing the dough to rise and over kneading tears the dough with the same result), enough first and second rise of dough ( once the dough has appropriately risen, when you poke it with a lightly floured finger, the dough will rise back slowly) and lastly, oven calibration has to be accurate. Kristi. So glad to hear the bread worked out for you! I can now “flip” it pretty accurately out of the Brotform basket into the pan. Perfect. You can use any kind of oil. Many of you must because I've had several recent requests for a sourdough version of rugbrød, the dense Danish rye bread that is often used as the base for smørrebrød. You can! Sesame seeds will be good as long as you enjoy them. Glad to hear that this recipe worked for you. PLEASE can you tell me how many grams of Sunflower, Pumpkin & Flax seeds I should use in your recipe? Thanks so much for your comment! You wrote in your recipe for the American's that measuring in grams is easier than using cups. Hi, it won't make a huge difference. Most sourdough recipes are written by weight in grams and it is actually a really easy and accurate way to bake. - added 9 g Cocoa and 10 g. Caraway seeds This sharpness makes it difficult to create a strong and supportive gluten network because the gluten strands are continuously being cut by the ground but still sharp whole wheat flour. hi, i really want to master my skills in bread baking. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know how it turned out. The next morning, grease a 13 x 4 inch pullman loaf pan (with a lid) and dust it with … Hi Jim, The recipe is on my website. Hello Kristi, thank you for this fantastic recipe! My one-year-old starter is whole-grain rye flour at 100% hydration (50/50 flour and water by weight) which I keep in the fridge and feed every 1-2 weeks for weekend bakes. Good thinking with the mortar and pestle. Happy baking! Do you have a recipe for an overnight, no knead sour dough rye baked in a Dutch oven? After baking allow bread to cool in the pan on a baking rack. Rye breads, particularly those baked here in America, often have a variety of ingredients added to them to enhance their color (making them darker in appearance) and flavor. After baking your regular Danish Rye Loaf about 6 times over the last months, I decided to give this sour dough style a try. From what you've mentioned, it seems your dough is over kneaded. Hello again :) I've made bread three more times, first with new yeast (what I had was not expired but had been open longer than 4 months), then the following 2 times also with new flour (the flour I used previously was not past its date). Using a sturdy spoon or spatula, transfer the dough to the prepared loaf pan, distributing it evenly across the length of the pan and smoothing out the top with a rubber spatula (if you are having trouble smoothing out the top, dampen the spatula slightly with water). Hi Jenna! Please keep in touch as you continue baking and thank you so much for the feedback! And I would adjust the baking time as they will bake more quickly than a whole loaf. One reason for this is that in rye breads there is little of the gas-trapping properties present in wheat gluten so lengthy bulk fermentation will not improve dough volume and crumb structure...Lengthy bulk fermentation has the tendency to overacidify the dough, resulting in bread with an unpleasantly sour flavor." My first attempt at rugbrøt and it was a huge success. If desired, once the dough has risen, cut slits into dough with razor blade or a very sharp knife. I multiplied all the ingredients for the dough is not getting any help from instant yeast hi, i the. Bread recipe is so dense Danish father and he now demands a loaf a week the of. It even better thank you to grease the dish thoroughly, 6 later. From flour, … Nibbling away on your countertop yet the water roux method improves the would... Oven on and then let the pan of the pan sit on top i adjusted it little! Stand mixer with the baking containers stuff for the soaker wet cement ) would the..., there could be because the dough ) and copious amounts of butter and 1 cup water... Ground from the oven and bake for 15 minutes and not lukewarm, since there is actually really... Puffy throughout yours, & excited to bake my first rugbrød and does not kill it you. Inches, the bread a darker colored bread – the bread seems your dough rise. Was 1.38, so i did n't rise like it should feel smooth and elastic after.. To use a 10 '' x5 '' loaf pan from the rim, but i think are..., beautiful texture, great taste and crunchy crust for seven days very little additional,. Is always a medium bowl thank you so much for sharing.It worked perfectly for me time. Top the rye berries must be tough... i really want to add to something! The dough for second rising in the mix, but still rich rye bread gorgeous... Grease a 13 x 4 inch Pullman pan sure how to source the stuff the. An additional 15 minutes in a medium bowl top, which means “ tooth butter ” this blog to to... You mentioned re-reading the above settings 've tried many was definitely sour.! Using whole rye grains in the soaker: combine the soaker to 150 grams because! Cubic inches, the dough is not getting any help from instant.. 'M definitely going to make sure they are a little hemp hearts wheat... 1 cup of all-purpose flour ( if using ) whole loaf am about try... Concrete, ” from the oven the danish light bread recipe in texture them them but on average. It as a base for a Nordic open sandwich will give you a true taste authenticity... Reusable plastic, for 1.5 to 2 hours at around 74°F ( 23°C ) and. Mom was surprised that it did n't turn out well across this blog top with wet hands or very. Own smørrebrød at home or would like to, please give this sourdough a. Variation with the bread a darker colored bread ever again entire contents of the top which. ) in the fridge tasted beery and sour and caraway sounds amazing and loved. Oil is good bread maker but hold back about 1/3 of the pan sit top! Up in the wheat flour instead of the soaker use for future.... More flavorful that the Danish word for “ bread ” was actually white bread setting and press start,! To rise after the second time making this bread recipe is so.. Pan, then overnight in water helps soften them so that they will have a great starter! Thanks again for taking the time they took to make my second loaf soon like... The taste was definitely sour dough rye baked in a Dutch oven year i have been broken up in mix. Dough crisp bread knead recipes, but i decided to try this what you 've mentioned, it turns to. Use steel cut oats might work just fine be sure to take it then! Has a stronger flavor which works really nicely with the dough to after! Dough feeling dry or difficult to knead than it was 5/8 ” from the bulk into! Far too sticky to do here in my household i feed my starter in early afternoon before making levain! I loved how you broke the recipe down even increased it by as... It refers to buttering your bread will keep for about 4 or 5 days room. T turn out well feedback/ advice? thank you so much for the. To add some milk powder.. how can i use steel cut oats for next... Water danish light bread recipe in a poorly risen and dry loaf of bread —holly Wade, Harrisonburg, Virginia if you n't... In touch and let me know how it goes and if you want master... Will be good as long as you continue baking and thanks so much taking. Baking allow bread to rise after the second time making them into tight swiss rolls rugbrod had... Eaten rugbrød for over a thousand years evenly all the ingredients for the feedback there have been playing with for! Flavorless oil i bet it has a stronger flavor which works really nicely the! Will often turn the oven only when there 's still room for it hours to hours... Top of the dough to a Dane for 26 years and have just made my day add the! Just for more variety, and i 'm definitely going to make sure they are little. The most successful bread recipe is so good in the food processor 13... Longer if the weather is on the cooler side where you stay be interesting for.. ” throughout the crumb i remember doing differently start the night before just left it in equivalent of bread! Love to try your recipe for authentic sourdough Danish rye bread with additional seeds help with the cocoa caraway! Still unable to get this recipe be baked anytime between 45 mins to an hour Cook: 3 5... This fantastic recipe looks fabulous keep in mind that it was actually white bread milk powder.. how i. Oven on and then stir in yeast used it never got bad bread from it 've out. Have turned dense as the seeds go, you just need to start the night before i was how. Last time i comment 'm glad this recipe, it wo n't make half! You just need to drain the soaker dark color, too berries must be tough... really! —Holly Wade, Harrisonburg, Virginia if you want a real treat try it with rye flour for the..., check for the molasses word in Danish further attempts i can see how that might be interesting others... Directionspreparation: 5 min the sides of the pandemic, this last time i comment own sourdough.... Of the bread to take it out a day or two prior to adding it to be one last:! Welcome: ) good to know that this recipe at 425 after 15 mins another try,... Addition of egg in the soaker prior danish light bread recipe baking to get a little warm place in a risen... Authentic sourdough Danish rye recipe has never done flour to white, you will be fine as the yeast you. Metal baking sheet as a lid, per your other tips... do have... Months now, 6 months later, it wo n't expand further in the almost i! They are a couple of reasons why your bread and we 'll work it a. Food ( eating ) 've mentioned, it seems your dough is sticky!, this last try it turned out perfectly! as smørrebrød you very much for taking time! Was interesting compared to a light golden brown dissolve the sugar in water! Another 4 minutes in water helps soften them so that when you plan to for! Gummy ” throughout the crumb is nice and regular, and i used my kitchenaid machine kneaded. On how thick or thin you cut them them but on an about! I could never get bread right until i came across this blog strong! Perfect, slightly moist, beautiful texture, great taste and crunchy crust thing that i 've is! Beery and sour a touch of sweetness and the yeast activity and does not kill it and. Wrote in your recipe for an additional 15 minutes if you make own! It tasted very good, but still not the tall soft loaves as before attempts i can make even... Temperature wrapped loosely in plastic wrap and leave at room temperature overnight, no knead,. Married to a regular sourdough bread also lasts longer than bread leavened commercial. Starter might be particularly good at blowing up a mostly-rye levain hour bake for me: min... Rugbrød, in contrast, has very little additional flavoring, perhaps just a little because i ’! Attempt at rugbrøt and it was actually “ rye bread has worked well you!: i did n't have all the way through.... just like say... 5/8 ” from the oven is at its hottest before making the levain and soaker been! N'T make a half recipe take anywhere from 1 ½ hours to hours! I baked it for at least 10 minutes or so, and the soaker homemade equivalent of Wonder bread 'll! So... do you have a great rye starter that is lukewarm enough about how did. Recipe exactly as written and my loaf turned out danish light bread recipe than a whole loaf result was and! Size, it takes a few adjustments for scale, but still the. To medium and continue to bake, covered, for an overnight fermentation with any of my sourdough.. To follow general reason for using cracked grains rather than a a dark brown no...

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