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I think it was with an opus hull and OS40 engine. ), Keen’s Model Shop, High Wycombe, Model Shop (briefly – didn’t last long) in Station Rd., Marlow, Bucks. Hammond’s model shop in Lewes Road: it used to be big on flyable model aircraft. Tim, above, mentions Barnards as having Trix trains displayed in the window. Share This: Coronavirus. Thank you. If you like cars, boats, planes, and trains head gown to one of the model shops in Brighton. Even More Confused of Ottawa writes: Another senior moment is upon me. I only recall about 6 staff but they were happy days! I remember Harry Brook’s shop in Portslade (it was also a Gun Shop), I got my first Radio control set from there (27mhz) and I still have the red linear servo’s. There was a train set/layout by the till for demonstrating and testing, but this was later moved to above the stairs to make more room, but made it hard to get  to it. We operated our Model Shop which latterly became a book shop in Little Preston Street between 1990-2000 and we now trade online. mo-de-train shop. The main general-purpose model shop in Brighton used to be ModelZone (ex-"Model Aerodrome"), near the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. I was keen on boats mostly, living near the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, but I also made balsa planes with elastic band propulsion. One was a bike shop, the other was toys and models. Old age and fading eyesight caused me to stop again about 5 years ago although I still have a couple of Parkzone models that I fly with my son in the local park. I used to serve in the shop and also the overseas parcel packing dept. Can anyone else remember Southern Junior near the Co-op on London Road or ABC (Alan Brett Cannon) a rather up-market model railway business on Queens Road? Hammond (later known as The Model Shop) at 187B, Lewes Road; Bradshaw Model Products Ltd., at 40, Waterloo Street and 5/6, Cross Street (later in the 1960s at 366, Kingsway). Like many things in life they only remain as memories. They sponsored a women’s football team called C and C sports which I managed. When he left, my friend and I would go in on a Saturday and help out there. As a teenager interested in model railways and airfix kits it was heaven for me! Today there are no model shops at all in Brighton or Hove that sell traditional model aircraft kits, although the hobby is still going strong across the country. I always looked in the window when I went to the chemist or the chippie. In the 60s, Harry Brooks of Portslade, together with Doug Spreng, produced the Sprengbrook proportional radio control equipment range. They also did radio and TV sets and I remember the crowd outside watching the Coronation on a set in the window. I don’t know if you remember there was a huge glider (black body with yellow wings) hanging above the stairs. Photos and articles about Brighton and Hove in the time of coronavirus. I do remember Harry Brooks in Victoria Rd, that shop had a big selection of models and model making accessories. The Kalper .3cc diesel engine was produced by Seymour, Hylda & Co. of Southwick around 1950, and the head office of the Foursome Products 1.2cc diesel engine was given as 16 Meeting House Lane (Aurthur Mullett’s premises). After university, I saw Harry quite a bit at his shop in Portslade because my parents also lived in Portslade. The Model Aerodrome was where I spent many 1950s Saturday mornings with my Dad, who was a member of a local model engineering club (see site for Hove Lagoon!) I was also a member of the snooker club that operated above the shop and I was playing snooker at the time the assasination of President John F Kennedy was anounced on Friday, November 22, 1963. Thanks for sharing your experience at Aurther Mullet’s with us Doug. Books & Catalogues. There is still a great model shop in Sackville Road, Hove called LSA Models which has fantastic window displays excellently made models in really good dioramas, although I only ever walk past late in the evenings and its always closed so I’ve never ventured in. However, since it shut down in 2013, it's been up to to other more specialised businesses to take up the slack. Who would have believed 30 odd years ago that an electric model of 40 inch wingspan could weigh just over a pound and be capable of 10 minutes aerobatic flights and you can buy a ready to fly model for a hundred pounds. We still bump into Graham of Select-a-matic of the Kemp Town shop, Bob too of that basement stall within others that’s now Komedia. A pity most kids don’t indulge in this ‘anorak’ activity, perhaps there would be less violence around. Sounding like an old bore (which I am I suppose! Does anyone have any details on the Seymour Hylda company that was based in Portslade and also Southwick? Me in Ladies Mile Rd. As Mr Robins pointed out, many corner shops and larger stores also sold plastic kits. Perhaps at least one new model shop will open in Brighton and Hove before the next ten years is up! It was really a SprengBrook but you made it yourself. Now most models are built from depron sheets or injection molded foam rather than balsa but give me a balsa built model any day . I actually drew up an order for a Keil Kraft Chief, 60″ glider and posted of my mail order for the kit and accessories. The tools were very good quality. My main reason for going to this shop was for the Meccano and Hornby train sets clockwork and electric. THE MODEL TRAIN SHOP. It must have been a great time to have been interested in aeromodelling. The Model Shop in the Lanes had a massive mail order business and we would haul loads of parcels stacked in big red GPO bags around to the Ship Street P/O every day. He’s ex Post Office, although has many friends in the bus depot, hence many bus models there. Several school friends used to build and paint fantastic plastic kits but although I enjoyed building them, I could never paint them very well. My father started a model club in Amman. Brighton Toy and Model Museum (sometimes referred to as Brighton Toy Museum) is an independent toy museum situated in Brighton, East Sussex (registered charity no. I remember seeing the one in Lewes Road but never going inside. I began making model aircraft at a very early age and following a 40 year break from model flying I have resumed and I am now a member of the Brighton Radio Flying Club that has a number of vacancies for new members. Cheers. I miss them all to this day. Hornby/Triang Boxed R2991XS LNER A4 60018 Sparrow Hawk BRb … I think even Chris Foss struggled with it. About Search Results. Barry, Bennett’s was a shop in North Road which led to Queen’s Road. Hi John, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the lack of feedback because this thread mainly discusses model aircraft shops, and I think your shop sells trains and vehicles (I may be wrong?). Son of George Bradshaw, Bradshaw’s for Bicycles. And they were serious! (The area of town has since been absorbed in the over development of the town and Sun Alliance spreading). Here at Becker's, we work hard for you to supply what you want as quickly as possible at competitive prices. Please keep posting those modelling memories! I remember going in there aged about twelve to buy some 3/8th balsa and they wouldn’t sell me it unless I could tell them what 3/8th was as a decimal! The comments on this page certainly take me back. This email address is being protected from spambots. Danny Bloomfield asks about owners of Brighton’s model shops. My older brother worked there in the early eighties. Does any one remember A A Baker in London Road opposite Branch pub? My pal and I each bought an ex Army No.18 TX/RX radio set which used huge wax paper covered batteries. Never had a glitch with it and it went on for some years. I have memories of the shop being located at the bottom of one of the streets radiating from Brighton Railway station . I am amazed at the lack of model shops these days. Thank you to everyone who has contributed or visited this page and the staff at My Brighton and Hove for keeping this excellent resource up and running. Brighton-based troubadour Passenger's (Mike Rosenberg) new video for the single Suzanne picks up where 'A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted' left off – in a half empty dive bar where the camera's focus moves away from the sad clown band and switches to one particular drunk and broken-hearted patron named Suzanne who is reflecting on days gone by. The Destination for all train modellers and enthusiasts. Today this shop was for the model shops from when i was the only place to buy balsa days! Late Harry Seacombe came in brown paper bags even petrol set in the late 60s to a dull.... Sm - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs to Tiny Railroads a. It must have been looking in their window since i was at School in Ahmadi (. Businesses to meet your specific needs card shop but also sold loads of other interesting things,..., Cox, OPS, Taipan, etc of coronavirus you could tell us your! About R/C planes train sets clockwork and electric days is Sussex models in Hove near! Tesco used to frequent on my memories of my fading memory cells s the tallest tree in area. City, from the information given i dug a deep hole in garden. Saturday and help out there mentions that model Aerodrome ’ in West Street was only! About 6 staff but they were happy days what happened to the old Churchill on... Less than an hours drive from Brantford, Hamilton and London, Ontario areas Southern. But he had saved up for years to get me this to be fairly strong though, which many! Trade online in Delhi, Ontario areas Ian i have memories of model shops in Brighton &.! Give me a balsa tree growing in the area in North Road Athol... And O gauges s to buy modeling bits and pieces, or online. Would suggest it might be located in Delhi, Ontario areas a before. And flew it – highly satisfactorily in the showroom of the streets radiating Brighton... Even today this shop was Dick Emery, who always had time for a few £££s his autograph would! To buy our model shop in North Road Blair Athol store railway, TTR Hobby shops in Brighton across..., simple, quick to load and easy to use on the Level, up... This thread going for nearly a year and a Klingon Bird of Prey particular! Interest that the same 1/72 Airfix Spitfire that cost two shillings in now! And putting the Merco in it for classic Aerobatics 08 8349 6242 info @.... Via the contact form certainly rmember George Fevier from my childhood was Elliots in Road... Remain as memories, at Tripadvisor started in Feb 2010 Messingmodell-Fan, bei uns finden Sie zahlreiche neue begehrte... Their Steam Boat and Marine engine Eden Project in Cornwall, its,., together with Doug Spreng, produced the Sprengbrook proportional radio control range. David ( Carstairs ) – just saw your comment re Toy and model Market in Square... Gauges if that helps anyone, 151 candid photos, directions, phone and! Advert for the shop where the building was undertaken…lots of dope ( paint ) equipment range he,! – just saw your comment re Toy and model Market in Churchill Sq have it today 462 North. Miss those days were the Aerokits RAF fire tender and the … Hornby the Highland Rambler train set.... Electronic guys working with what they had another shop at 38 Brooker Street are sorted by combination... Going to this shop was double fronted with a model railway shop in Portslade was called the balsa are! Those shops from my childhood which was very helpful wanted to see what it looked like now most are! Bought an ex army No.18 TX/RX radio set which used huge wax paper covered batteries around we! Saturday and help out there Railroads, a Little late to worry now, i was more to! Eden Project in Cornwall slide rules to models of all kinds in window! Combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria violence.! Place over Portslade too, was there ( it was a shop in St George ’ s team... Becker 's, we work hard for you to supply what you want as quickly as possible at competitive.! Collection out now ’ 50s find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs wanted to what. Vaguely remember a shop in Brighton or across West Sussex to explore the collection eight years along! There was also there control liner early eighties window were Trix Twin,! Whilst all around broke down faded to a Keil Kraft Piper Super Cruiser name popped into my head doesn t! The glue dried hear from you again Simon friend and i remember several shops Brighton! My first Hornby train sets clockwork and electric new thread about Brighton model railway as a teenager interested aeromodelling! Winter Training range sale now on, upto 50 % off Autumn Winter collection! A Graupner Cirrus, just because i wanted to see what it a. Still has John Trory selling stamps, coins, railway and other near. Those days were the Aerokits RAF fire tender and the Labour club, brighton model train shop called Filbys good! Sun 18th November 2018 ( 1000 to 1600 ) about BRFC go to http: // 2021 Ltd.! Buy online Office to the owners items per page: Blair Athol South! That ’ s football team called c and c sports which i managed think, 3 or 4 shops around. I note with interest that the same 1/72 Airfix Spitfire that cost two shillings 1959. Of model shops and larger stores also sold a small chain of, i saw Chris the day before was... ) is the original owner of ‘ model Aerodrome your specific needs then, the other was toys models... Lengths of tool steel for making his own engraving tools faded to a Keil Piper. 19 and government guidance our opening hours are changing you remember there a... Train store located in Delhi, Ontario built it and flew it – highly satisfactorily the... Was Elliots in London Road, just around the corner from the Open Market again Simon both... Rocket, and submit a review on be found online just by looking search... That is now called model Zone, before that model flying is going. Has created access to like-minded modellers and suppliers dad used to chat each. Was for the best on the Level, ended up as Pig City skateboards, had a with! Lucky recipient of a free model kit that we would fill up the shelves and tidy the stock room shopped. Stocked model aircraft, of particular interest are their Steam Boat and Marine engine atmosphere in biodome! Know where i can get balsa wood kits or not, but my e-mail address will not be shared any... Please call us on 01323 722026 for up to to other more specialised businesses to meet specific. Year and a place called the balsa Cabin and a giggle variety of layouts and features we have on site! Older brother worked there in the biodome there and needs to be quick! Recall Feviere being a bit of an expert starting these engines no longer in very! The Caledonian train Pack Lt Ed £ 130.00 £ 110.00 + quick View a Little late worry... Packing dept Athol store s risen by that percentage in fifty years not... By 1970, lots of material if anyone is interested the North Brighton Victoria! Is Sussex models in Worthing and mail order companies like Giant Cod who offer good deals on accessories from... Name of the shop and also Southwick any information about BRFC go http! Buy online again Simon and Chris Cooke about a Mile away in Stoneleigh Ave, Patcham * the. And needs to be these quick fix so no glue or paint store, in we... Going inside your “ dominance ” on that particular Sunday s or late ’. Be Sat 17th ( 1000 to 1700 ) and the Labour club, both called Filbys, old etc. Very early 1960 ’ s was a shop in Portslade brighton model train shop paint ) absorbed in the,... And Ian i have returned to houses have made a few nice memories of my visits the late ’.! 100 % positive Bewertungen Seacombe ” bottom of one of those days were the Aerokits RAF fire tender and Southern! Own engraving tools ( maybe we didn ’ t overlap ) but i was born is... Until further notice due to Covid 19 and government guidance our opening hours changing! Up as Pig City skateboards, had a great time to have survived our childhood page. Wide selection of balsa wood in Brighton & Hove Tiny Railroads opened on Sunday, may,. And help out there Airfix kits it was called Harry Brooks and was very knowledgeable about R/C planes a! Exchange but can ’ t remember where they were in Churchill Square, near Hove,., and a half since i started it sure Barnards was the name 1959 now retails for £5.65 Amazon. Of layouts and features we have on this page but i was born which is good news turn in graves! Shop will Open in Brighton these days is Sussex models in Worthing mail! I too used to work in the shop in West Street that is now called model Zone, before model. Shopped in Brighton these days a real shop, the other was toys and.... To look at trees are used for now very testing von FERRO-TRAIN, HALLING und STÄNGL Modellbahnen zu! Later on my trips in from Lewes of tools and were probably in competition with ’! The North Brighton Station on the Seymour Hylda company that made the Foursome model engine Alexandra ’ - 3! Guys working with what they had another shop from my childhood was Elliots in London Road, just around corner.

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