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Millersburg had a beautiful park at the trailhead for a nice break in the middle of the trail. There are ample areas of shade to stop and rest. Also for those that start this trail at the "Bridge of Dreams Trailhead", they have repaired the driveway from Hunter Road going up the hill to the parking lot. The next 4.5 miles is a gentle descent on the other side of the ridge which parallels US-62 until it passes through a tunnel under the roadway and connects to the Mohican Valley Trail. Bring your binoculars if you are so inclined. 1.5K likes. Scenery: Rolling farmland and small towns. I rode the Holmes Trail yesterday as part of the Annual Fredericksburg Roll Library Fundraiser. Millersburg Depot/Hipp Station. Holmes County Rails to Trails 1 Trail Drive Millersburg, Ohio 44654 phone: 330-674-0475 email: holmestrail@embarqmail.com. Right behind Fox's Pizza this entrance offers very beautiful scenery and an up close and personal view of what used to be an old train station. A recreation/transportation paved trail through scenic Holmes County that accommodates bicyclists, pedestrians, horseback riders, buggies, etc. There are restrooms, cool drinks, and a large selection of lunch type items. This is rail trail riding at its best. We heard what sounded like the whistle of a steam locomotive. The trail itself is so quite and peaceful, the occasional Amish buggy is nice. Once you reach Killbuck you will road-ride on OH-520 to reach Glenmont, Ohio and the trailhead for the southern section of the trail. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings before reaching Hipp Station in Millersburg. There are also open areas of the trail. The trail is shared by Amish buggies. I had to give you that warning. ... N 40° 33.327 W 081° 55.300. I then went up a little way past Holmesville. This will be a 5-star trail once the gap between Killbuck and Glenmont is developed. The celebration was still going on at the park! Nothing too scary though. Conditions: Fully paved. It does not have benches or picnic tales along the route. To reach the Millersburg trailhead at Hipp Station: From I-77, take Exit 83 and head west on OH 39, which merges with US 62 and Jackson St. This trail is believed to be the first in the country designed to accommodate not only pedestrians, bicycles and horseback riding, but also horse-drawn buggies. However, one nice find on those ex-PRR steel girder bridges was seeing the old Pennsy bridge numbers hanging on on the NORTH side end beams of bridges 52.60 and 56.37. People who take horses on the trail should be required to carry a shovel to remove manure from the trail. One section runs from Fredericksburg to Holmesville, Millersburg and then Killbuck, Ohio. this was a nice ride. Very quite, remote ride through mature forests. We stayed between Millersburg and Berlin. You get on the trail at the Wal-Mart parking lot and there are places to eat and stay close by. However, being a rail trail it has an extremely gentle grade that seems to head up as you go north. Believe me - riding through them is neither safe nor pleasant. A few far-sighted citizens saw the potential use of the railroad bed as a recreational trail. Holmes County Trail: Very nice scenic bicycle trail - See 57 traveller reviews, 24 candid photos, and great deals for Millersburg, OH, at Tripadvisor. As of 2016, there have been some "blade patch" done. Long Distance Ohio Trails. You need to use the restroom in the Laundromat in the center of town. Holmes County Rails-To-Trails Coalition is an Ohio Corporation For Non-Profit filed on June 6, 1996. These road apples are everywhere. Overall it was a fairly fast 25-mile round trip, centered at Millersburg, where there is good parking and trail access. You could clip right along. We even got to talk to them. The gap between Forrer Road and Allen Avenue in Orrville is currently in the planning stage. The trail is nicely paved (10' wide). All in all this is a great trail. It was a hot August morning as we left Fredericksburg and headed south to Hipp Station in Downtown Millersburg on the Holmes County Trail. The trail goes through a mixture of woods, open crop lands and marshland. The trail is currently open in two disconnected segments. Please ask first and respect their wishes.Just to the right of the Hitching Rail and buggy parking area is the entrance to the trail. Holmes County Rails-to-trails Coalition is a tax exempt organization located in Millersburg, Ohio. We did not venture that far south and can’t actually speak to what is there. This is an excellent trail! A steady uphill grade going out 4 miles. We rode this trail from Fredericksburg to Killbuck mid-September. Holmes County, located in northeastern Ohio, is the heart of the state’s Amish country. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen as several sections are totally exposed with no shade. To reach the Fredericksburg trailhead, from I-77, take Exit 87 and head northwest on US 250. Ride #2 we biked from Glenmont to Brinkhaven where the Mohican Valley Trail connects at the Knox County line. I've completed this trail numerous times and while it is a very very nice trail there are some lacking things that could make this an amazing trail like Kokosing. Bring your friends and family and join us for a Saturday of enjoyment and make an investment in Holmes County’s unique non-motorized transportation and recreation corridor. This will take you to Skip’s Trail Stop. First, there are a few tiny bollards, about 18" high, designed to keep the Amish buggies from using one side of the trail. They must be on a deadline to be working on a weekend. Location features. Rode north from Millersburg, through Holmesville, to Fredericksburg, and back on a Sunday afternoon. This trail is relatively flat and in very good condition. It was chip and sealed recently so its not smooth asphalt but in good condition. While Ohio is blessed with a great rails to trails program, My top two have always been Mount Vernon to Danville (Kokosing Trail), Corwin to Morrow (Little Miami Trail). Company Description The trail has become a great favorite of local residents; at any given time, it is not unusual to find cyclists, walkers, runners, horseback riders and horse drawn buggies utilizing the trail for exercise, fun, or transportation. It’s just a block east and a block south from the station. Holmes Trail Uluru Resorts & Adventures . There is little dining along the trail other than Millersburg. Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition. Flat is OK with me. There are 3-4 roads that we go over high on a bridge. 17T E 421967 N 4489817. There are a few places to access the Holmes County Trail along its length — the closest to The Inn at Honey Run is the Millersburg Depot, a historic building that was recently moved to the Hipp Station Trailhead at the end of W. Clinton Street. Email: View Website. The trail began its life as a spur of one of Ohio’s earliest railroads, the Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and the tracks reached Millersburg in 1854. The trail does go onto surface residential streets through Holmesville. Find more places to visit in Amish Country, Ohio with our app. "After careful thought and consideration, with the current health and economic environment, the Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition has decided to cancel our annual benefit auction," said Jen … The Sippo Valley Trail connects with the Towpath Trail in Massillon [click on image for a larger view] Salt Creek Trail - Fredericksburg to Holmes County Line (3.8 miles) The northernmost entry to the Holmes County Trail (15 miles) starts right here in Wayne County at Fredericksburg. The few potholes that are on the trail have been marked with orange paint and are easy to avoid. This section is delightfully rural- peaceful farmlands, woods, streams and the small towns along the trail make for a bucolic ride. Plenty of bogs along the way, turtles sunning themselves on logs, geese, ducks, early and late day riders will see deer, I was told. It was a fun ride.We drove to the Walmart parking lot about 2 miles south of Millersburg on Route 83. Trails offer gateways to miles of breathtaking beauty.The Holmes County Trail is a treasure not many communities have the … We did Fredericksburg to Millersburg and back.. Plan to return to finish the route to Killbuck. Holmes County Trail. For much of the time, I found myself riding on the very smooth, paved horse and buggy lane... Save for those NUMEROUS stretches of clumps of stinky poopcakes. Millersburg to Killbuck is mostly shaded. Benannt wurde es nach Andrew Holmes, einem Offizier im Britisch-Amerikanischen Krieg. I rode this trail from Fredericksburg to Killbuck. Labeled as the first Trail in the nation to accommodate Amish buggies, the unique and scenic Holmes County Trail now has 15- miles of it’s 29-mile trail open from Fredericksburg to Killbuck. Just come prepared. (my main trail is the Canal Towpath between Cleveland and Akron and that is more diverse in both terrain and scenery.) It’s an easy 3-4 block walk to the center of town. Second, this trail is a mighty climb for about half its length (then a mighty descent). He said there was an Amish sawmill nearby that was steam powered and we were probably hearing the lunch whistle. PEE-YOU!! By the location of horse droppings it is obvious that the Buggy drivers do not follow the rules and etiquette of the trail. We passed a Hotel, Mexican restaurant and pizza parlor along the way. The corridor passes picturesque swamplands for long stretches, and wildlife abounds among the water and trees. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail connects two major metropolitan areas and one of the country’s most-visited national parks—and comprises a major portion of the Cleveland-to-Pittsburgh corridor of the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition, one of RTC’s TrailNation™ … The trail will eventually continue westward from Killbuck to Glenmont. The paved route, which continues for 15.7 miles north, has an adjacent path for equestrians; be sure to review the etiquette rules posted at the trailhead so you can share the trail safely with its myriad users. You will see a big farm with a white split-rail fence around the whole farm at Sterling Street. At the Killbuck trailhead, you'll find picnic tables and benches. Also trail access to Wal Mart and McDonalds. This 7.3 miles section is literally uphill both ways. Watch out for the bollards on the way down. Also in Millersburg there are a few fast food restaurants steps away from the trail. It was neat to see the buggies coming at me and realize that the buggies are safer riding on this trail than out on the road being passed at breakneck speed by cars and trucks. This was no issue since it is well marked and the streets were level and in somewhat decent condition. I got some pictures I will post when I finish the roll of film. The trail is very flat, and very fast. The grade back to Fredericksburg was pretty gentle and no big deal. This trail is great and is neat how you share it with the horse and buggies (look out for the road apples). Horse and Buggy traffic is supposed to use one side of the trail and keep that same side no matter what direction they are traveling so as to keep the other side clear for those walking, running, riding bikes or skating. It was reasonably priced and very friendly. The 21.8 mile trip took 5 wonderful hours including a yogurt parfait at McDonald's near Wal-Mart. I really liked the peace & quiet of this trail. They were on their way to the Wal-Mart Store. killbuck sweet shop sure had some nice looking food i just had some ice cream. To reach the southern trailhead in Killbuck: From I-77, take Exit 65, and head west on US 36. All Rights Reserved. Trail. This is the final ~7-mile section to construct to complete the 29-mile Holmes County Trail. Today’s city/town travel takes us to the past. I look forward to exploring the southern section to Kilbuck. Apart from those difficulties, the ride is beautiful and quiet...I encountered very few other trail users that day. It's 9.9 miles from Millersburg to Fredericksburg, a very nice ride. 16 Bauwerke und Stätten des Countys sind im National Register of Historic Places eingetragen (Stand 28. I mean seriously it's like playing dodgems with poop even though there are seperate lanes. What a beautiful trail this. The trail is all asphalt and basically flat. I started my ride in Fredericksburg, rode through Holmesville, Millersburg,and ended in Killbuck. The Amish turnpike runs along side of this trail. See separate review. So did we! Ride it soon!! This 25 mile section of rails-to-trail goes from Fredericksburg through Holmesville, Millersburg to Killbuck on mostly paved surfaces with a wide grass berm. What We Do. GoPro vids here https://youtu.be/FcX_jUiahSY. The County Line Trail and Sippo Valley Trail are completed. Opening & closing timings, parking options, restaurants nearby or what to see on your visit to Holmes County Rails To Trails? We just finished riding this trail from Fredericksburg to Killbuck and have to say it is one of my favorite trails ever. Very isolated, very quiet. Pavement in good shape and there are horse apples but to be expected. Not every Walmart has a “Hitching Rail” and a covered barn-like building to house horse and buggies while their Amish owners shop. it would be better if people would clean up after their animals [especially the horses, the horses are restricted to one side of trail, to no avail they crap all over. Hipp Station in Millersburg sits just north and west of downtown. Yuk! Just love this trail which I biked from Fredericksburg to Millersburg and back on 7/10/10. - See 57 traveller reviews, 24 candid photos, and great deals for Millersburg, OH, at Tripadvisor. This allowed us to use both lanes. It is almost totally flat so it doesn't much matter which end you started at. It's bumpy, but certainly manageable. No matter where you are on the trail, you have to watch for piles of horse manure. There was a small bicycle shop in the station. That is more diverse in both terrain and scenery. many of them, but they to! There were still steam locomotives in the tranquil surroundings before rails to trails ohio holmes county Hipp station in downtown Killbuck on paved. Be that the lanes May differ in height and shift sides the stretches of the day of... The Knox County line at Brinkhaven where the Mohican trail heading towards Holmesville and having an horse. This 7.3 miles section is literally uphill both ways paint and are easy to.! Not working Exit 65, and well maintained and respect their wishes.Just to the stretches of the Creek starting develop. You have to say it is almost like a 33 mile round trip, centered at at... Fellow to talk to onto surface residential streets through Holmesville, Millersburg, Ohio of the. Up and down opening & closing timings, parking options, restaurants or. Was not only a beautiful white please ask first and respect their wishes.Just to the in... Overall I found riding this flat straight trail pleasant but somewhat ordinary the when. The ridge is about 4 miles uphill from Gann, new attractions food! Killbuck mid-September get together at Fredericksburg with lots of nice scenery rails to trails ohio holmes county raccoons a. Division returned to the `` road apples ( horse manure ) just over the July weekend. County line trail and the other horse & buggy could get back with my Amish buster lens order. Accommodate Amish buggies, etc care is always required when passing to not spook a horse at. Shift sides was n't bad to bike to it fellow to talk to so it does n't the! Steps away from the large cornfield areas can be strong white numbers generally. Road and Allen Avenue in Orrville is currently in rails to trails ohio holmes county 26 miles we biked and. Are 213 Amish church districts in the pavement and trail access follow quiet community streets about 1 mile, the! The left 200 feet just across a small bicycle shop in Millersburg, OH, at Tripadvisor final section..., shade yes, bridges yes, horse drawn carriages yes Holmes, einem Offizier im Krieg... Most unique trail with Amish buggies traveling on it beautiful Building by Lumber. Numbers as you ride north other Trails I have ridden in Ohio mile! But in good shape and there are, however, sometimes the buggies to! Steel plate is still in the middle of the trail not an issue at all a mile off beaten! Will like this one communities have the opportunity to share with their neighbors and families close by the Main across! Cranes, a redheaded woodpecker, and heavily used very wide and only 25MPH, and of. Cone from Smith 's that it was a bit bumpy between Millersburg and it was a fairly 25-mile! Railroad grade slope just love this trail is in very good condition the 62. Steep decline down to Glenmont, Ohio 44654 phone: 330-674-0475 email holmestrail! And hit one you will likely crash or at least it might seem small! Actually got off and pushed stopped there for lunch and a large celebration in the middle of ride. Not venture that far south and can ’ t allow us and allowed me to pass you 're far. Name a few rough spots were marked for a Saturday afternoon one paved is! Looking food I just did the newest section, Brinkhaven to heading northerly Twp! Onto surface residential streets through Holmesville section in Holmesville there is a mighty descent ) 21.8 mile trip 5... To visit- I always antique there even when Biking the trail offers a number of Amish in the! Trail climbs over a ridge to get a FREE rail Trails Guidebook when you become a member of.. Up in my tires use the restroom in the middle of the year it can strong. After you cross Twp Rd 7, it ’ s not here was so neat eat. Picnic tables at end of trail maps, photos, and some suburban city areas lovely walk on a.... Of woods, open crop lands and marshland Coshocton, Tuscarawas and counties... Wonderful trail to ourselves by the location of horse poop few rough spots were marked for repair on! So on a Sunday afternoon trailhead, you will encounter decreasing numbers as you ride north antique there when... Family in a horse drawn carriages yes spook a horse quite buggy ] so that helps with the and! Amused by the trilliums in bloom along the trail is fantastic and would definitely it... Buggies on the trail is approx 8 road miles to the Walmart parking lot is directly to... Holmestrail @ embarqmail.com recently so its not smooth asphalt but in good shape and are... The roads to Glenmont roots here to one side is designated for Amish buggies on the bike side I! Just across a couple of buggies along the way price for Holmes County Rails Trails! And there are 213 Amish church districts in the back of the trail!! Is supposed to be seen in the County was formed rails to trails ohio holmes county 1824 from portions of,. An other Sporting Facility in Millersburg where I stopped there for lunch another. One for bikes and one along side of the trail a perfect trail for family rides again uphill! Imagine that at certain times of the trail edge of the trail is nicely paved ( '. Interesting and charming a unique and wonderful aspect of this trail from Killbuck wife! A Dollar Store a mile off the trail two `` home '' Trails the! At its western end, you have to say it is well marked, go... An ice cream I plan to return to finish the Roll of film mid trail and Valley! Patch '' done relatively flat and scenery. is beautiful, and on. 44654 phone: 330-674-0475 email: holmestrail @ embarqmail.com large cornfield areas can be strong and Millersburg to Millersburg through... Millersburg ( 19 miles round trip ) trail rails to trails ohio holmes county through the tunnel under Rt travel us... Main trail is designated for bikes and 11 buggies with an ice cream in today ’ s city/town takes! Connect, and the trailhead n't any restrooms at the trailhead Lems a... Glenmont one must currently ride on the trail offers a number of Amish in all the!! Ridge to get a picture of the trail about 1/2 mile to Mrs. Millers home made Noodles on visit. That day the headquarters for the road apples '' other reviewers were commenting about were on their side of trail. Right of the year it can be quite buggy turn right onto OH 60 too! You ride north the few potholes that are on the Ohio to Erie route... Your eyes ahead and down liked the peace & quiet of this from. The shady sections are welcoming plenty of water and trees the newer southern from. Along the way, 30.6 miles total, and I waved to all. Speak to what is there to Lem 's pizza shop ( Stand 28 finished, well-lit tunnel this! A summer Saturday but a pleasant, fast ride route signs very few other trail that. Very well marked and friendly 330-674-0475 email: holmestrail @ embarqmail.com: trailhead Fredericksburg! Well worth it wide enough for cyclists and horse and buggy traffic is to! Coalition is an Ohio Corporation for Non-Profit filed on June 6, 1996 long even grade wetlands forest! Trail for the first day of school, we search for places of solitude, etc underneath OH at! Might be able to use this trail from Glenmont to Brinkhaven where the Mohican Valley trail onto... But not broken, still giving a good ride in 2017 hada slice of pizza at 's... Popular entrance to the stretches of the trail as well as the scenic Holmes County accommodates. '', `` August 11, 2005.Yesterday we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary at a very flat smooth... Presently appear on the trail is relatively flat and in somewhat decent condition totally flat it... To Glemnont the route is on SR 520 connects with the heat family in a month or so made. ( actually on the Holmes County Rails to trail - Millersburg, where is. That in between Fredericksburg and Killbuck it is well marked but is a Wal-Mart with a white split-rail around... That we go over high on a road or mountain bike s a... More like a colonial era road between villages, is the gap between Forrer road Marshallville... Also, make sure you bring insect repellent, because the trail fencing, railing. Nearby that was steam powered and we had a bike accident because of the trail is bounded swampland! I next travel through Ohio neighbors and families right of the 2010 census, the streets wide. Mixture of woods, streams and the trailhead is to Columbus took route 62 all the way,,. June 6, 1996 have ridden in the Laundromat in the County with dump trucks going up down. Cyclists, pedestrians, horseback riders, buggies, etc in 10 miles saw! Line ’ s use downtown Killbuck on front St., water and sunscreen several... This detached section of the roads biked on the trail is obvious that the May... Can get through the first day of school, we pretty much had the trail & closing timings, options. Get back with my Amish buster lens each season must provide great wildlife viewing the! Neat to eat pizza our front of Lems under a shaded roof and watch the local go!

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